Medlemskap i AFAG | Publisert: 03.01.2024

Membership in AFAG 

Join Norway’s largest community of architects, landscape architects, interior architects, designers and planners.

The Norwegian Union of Architects (AFAG) assists its members with employment law and salary negotiations in addition to hosting workshops and events. AFAG has more than 6000 members within the architecture and design industry. We aim to ensure that our members have good work and salary conditions. Become a member. 

Salary negotiations and work conditions  

We offer guidance on questions regarding pay and rights at your workplace. Contact us for help and advice on your current or future workplace.

Collective agreements

AFAG ensures that the employees' rights are preserved through negotiated collective agreements. We have trusted AFAG-representatives in all sectors, ranging from architects and designers in public work to private offices.  

Salary statistics

Each year, AFAG produces salary statistics based on our members' salary. The statistics can offer you insights into your salary and help you consider whether or not you should proceed to negotiate your salary. The statistics are in Norwegian, but we are happy to translate and offer individual support and guidance if you contact us.

Employment law

AFAG has skilled lawyers who work to ensure that your employment is in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations. Contact to report an issue.

AFAG's guidelines for legal assistance state that legal assistance is only offered to members who fulfill certain criteria. To receive one hour of legal guidance, the member must have paid at least one month of our membership fees. To receive further guidance, we require that members have paid at least three months of our membership fees. The time frame is measured from when the issue arose. 

We do not offer legal assistance to members who owe membership fees.


Career counselling

Are you looking for new opportunities as an architect or designer? Set up a free counselling session for advice on how to proceed. We also offer feedback on your application documents.

Bank and insurance

AFAG offers member benefits through our collaborations with Handelsbanken (in English) and Storebrand (in English). If you have questions regarding insurance, please call 67 51 93 00 or read more about the agreement between AFAG and Storebrand here (in Norwegian). For banking options please call 23 04 50 00 or read more about what Handenlsbanken can  offer AFAG-members here (in Norwegian).

Membership fees

Full membership: 4 900 kr
Reduced fee 25 %: 3 675 kr
Reduced fee 50 %: 2 450 kr
Reduced fee 80 %: 980kr

New graduates pay a reduced fee of 50 % for three years after completing their studies: 2 450 kr.

You can apply for a reduced fee if you are unemployed or have reduced income due to being temporary laid-off, ill or similar circumstances. AFAG do not offer reductions for income exceeding 5G (pr. 1th May 2023 - 118 620 kr). Applications for reduced fees can be sent to

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