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Self-employed persons

AFAG is a professional association for persons with a master's degree or equivalent in architecture and design. The association's members also include those who are self-employed or have their own practice, as well as students. AFAG is your negotiating partner and works to help you get good pay and working conditions. If any disputes should arise with your employer/client, we can help to find good solutions. AFAG constantly works to achieve full employment among its membership groups and for good education and further education. - To put it simply, AFAG works for you and to make your working day as good as possible!

AFAG is a member of the Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (Akademikerne), which has over 165,000 members.

AFAG helps with advice and legal assistance for those who have their own practice and has good insurance terms designed especially for the self-employed.

Handbook for the self-employed
For those with their own practices, AFAG, in collaboration with other organisations within Akademikerne, has prepared a Handbook for the Self-Employed. This can be sent to you on request.

Banking and insurance offers
As a member, Akademikerne's agreement with Storebrand and Danske Bank gives you the opportunity to obtain benefits in the form of lower prices for your private insurance and banking services.

Storebrand: 67 51 93 04 or

Danske Bank: 05550 or

Liability insurance
If you run your own business, AFAG can offer you very favourable liability insurance. Contact Storebrand for more information ph 67 51 93 04 or

Legal assistance
AFAG's own lawyers can offer free legal assistance to self-employed persons in cases relating to agreement, compensation or copyright issues. 1 hour's free consultation is also given in tax, company set-up and accounts questions. We also offer the legal reference work Compendia Personal on our website.

Free course
AFAG organises a free annual course on entering contracts, accounting and copyright.

Support for participation in courses
As a member of AFAG, you can receive support for participation in courses organised by the National Association of Norwegian Architects, Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects and the Association of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers. You must apply to the secretariat directly for a refund. The application must be submitted after you have completed the course. You will find an application form on

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